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Request for help in purchasing a church building

I am the pastor of Bible Baptist Church "Trinity", Zhytomyr (Ukraine). My name is Vladimir Korol.
Our church believes in eternal security and the King James Bible 1611.
We perform commissions of the Lord: Teach Christians, leading the lost to the Savior and to glorify the Lord.
The church financially supports two evangelists in our church, pays rent on buildings and pay other expenses associated with the maintenance of the church, holding meetings and evangelism.
Now we are forced to take a close meeting room, which barely fit 30 people, because we do not have available financing in order to have a building. And due to the fact that the room is not ours, we have a number of problems:
1.    Do not have permanent access to the premises.
2.    Problems with the surrounding neighbors that make us a lot of problems (knock door, damage property, create negative rumors).
3.    Persistent problems with utilities: power outages, roof leaks, cold room, which is why we have problems with the conduct of meetings.
Thus, we have a need in our own room for the church assembly. The cheapest option - is to buy land in the city, to get all the permits and design documents to build a building. According to the calculations on all you need to spend an average of $ 80,000.
The church has no such financial, and forced to ask for help.
It should be noted that our city is a regional center of Ukraine with a population of 300,000 people. It gives us great scope for attracting sinners to Christ and holding Bible meetings and conferences.
If God set your heart, and you are willing to help financially in the construction of our facilities, contact with me. I give all the necessary information. We welcome any donations.
Also, I ask you to pray for our church that God would help us with the acquisition / construction of the church building.
With love in Christ, 2Tim.2:15
Contact me:
Vladimir Korol
Phones in Ukraine:
Skype: kor1611
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Korol Vladimir